One of my dreams come true


Finally, my journey will be started next month!!

Route is follow…

Tokyo, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, France, Morocco, UK, Tanzania, South Africa, Argentina, Peru, Chili, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, NYC, Tokyo

Nobody knows what I can find through this trip but I’m sure I will regret my life a few years later if I do not take action now. Life is simple and just one time. Life and death around me told me during this 26 years.

And I have unlimited opportunities rather than people who have had limit since they were born. I must appreciate that I was born in Japan without any obstacle. My friends whom I met abroad told me about it.

After this long trip, I have to make my next dream come true. Non stop next few years…I DO EVERYTHING WHAT I WANT!!!

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  1. hiwamaru より:

    Congratulations on graduation!?!?.

    I know that you have frontier spirit and acting power.
    I pray for your success that fly safely in the world, grow up and you grant a dream.


  2. Kaori より:

    Absolutely sure, I will do my best, must do!! Wish your dream will come true,too. Thanks a lot for everything.


  3. minezo より:

    I'm looking forward to see your real time photo and your tweet in all over the world. I would like to sympathize with your unexpected wonderful experience!


  4. Kaori より:

    Thanks minezo-san!!(it's nice name) Yes, and I'm also waiting for your good news on May 10th! Best wishes for you, Tucchi,Egawa-san. 😛



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