Here, your new friend from Japan


Dear people in Ukraine,

After my internship in Ivano-Frankivsk, some Japanese students have been to YOUR country as a trainee of AIESEC. They had been worried about going to such a far country alone from Japan. However, they said “I really enjoyed days in Ukraine!” after coming back to Japan. And some of them have been changed, they do not hesitate to dive into new world where they don’t know. I know a girl who had said “I’m worry about connection to Ukraine in the airport.” Yes, she had anxious thought about small things at that time. However, she left to India after the internship in Ukraine. Something changed her. Now, I’m very surprised the power of Ukraine. There is something that can make young Japanese change a lot. And of course, I’m also no exception.

YOU told me important things that some Japanese have already forgotten. Kindness, beauty of nature, loving own country or culture, taking care of people, thinking about future, being interested in politics, having a dream…please remember, YOU gave us great presents :))

Next month, a Japanese girl will leave to Ukraine. I guess, she needed encourage herself to decide going to Ukraine. But I believe she will make good memories with YOU and enjoy days in Ukraine like me or another my friends. Because I know Ukraine is great country through my own experiences.

I hope Ukraine and Japan can make new good relationship through a courageous Japanese girl and it will make our friendship stronger than now.


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