Marriage in Japan


Three of my friends engaged. Two of them are Ukrainian and the other was Vietnamese. Of all girls are under 23 years old. I was asked so many times, “when does Japanese get married?” from Ukrainian students so many times when I was Ivano-Frankivsk. As for them, average age is 20 years old. However Japanese women who has job do not get married so early, the average is around 28.
Some Japanese girls think about work after getting married or child when they search job. So the firm that does not have good environment for the women, married and have baby, is not seen as a good company. In fact, most of women quit their work after marriage or getting child. I don’t know the reason depends on the system of the company(they are quited) or their own decision(they quit).
I told students about Japanese marriage culture at that time. I should add more subjects about marriage if I have opportunity to teach them again. That is “Kon-Katsu” and “grass-eating animal”.
“Kon-Katsu” means activity for marriage, finding good husband. Some women who has not married yet start looking for “Good guy as husband” like searching jobs. I don’t know the specific way of it. Maybe taking part in the party for “Kon-Katsu” or hold small drinking party with some guys. There are some firms that arrange the party or find best husband for a women. Some women even pay for it.
Girls are serious to get good husband but how about boys? On the other hand, Japanese boys are said “grass-eating animal” sometimes. It means they are not positive to get girls. Girls are changing to “meat eating animal” in Japan, very positive to get good husband. One of my friend, she always complains about a guy she likes. “I invited him to dinner after work sometimes but…yes, he is “glass-eating” . How can I get him?” She is completely “meat-eating”.
These new culture in Japan are strange or same with another countries?


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