3rd Hometown, HUE


I wanna say “Thanks a lot” to all family in Hue City. The trip was last chance to see my dear two friends in Viet Nam. They treated me well and also their family or friends.

I met a girl who is already a person like my younger sister in Viet Nam. She became to be 23 years old before I arrived there. So she changed the day of her birthday party for me. Her close friends, 3 boys were very funny. They can not speak English well but they tried to communicate with me by using another ways. For example, when we went to Karaoke, they sang songs with strange voice and made me laugh so many times. A boy told me his name’s mean by using his mobile. “Quang=Light”. They were really good friends. I’m worry about that boys because she will leave to Canada soon. They must miss her but I’m sure their friendship will be kept forever.

They taught me so many important things in my life and inspired me.
They were people who passed by my life but I will never forget them and I want to see them when I can make something that I am proud of in the future…really miss them and beautiful view in that village. Everithing was over at once. Hopefully, I can see you with your happy family someday.

Now, I have three hometown in this world.
-Yokohama in Japan
-Ivano-Frankivsk in Ukraine
-Hue in Viet Nam…Special Thanks, Duong & Kim Oanh 🙂

Tradtional food in Hue city

good-luck amulet by my friend’s mother. I always carry it as a charm…

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  1. SKY より:

    hey Kaori, I didn’t have time to drop by at Hue… hope I’ll be there some time. anyway, I tried the traditional food u showed in the picture when my bus stopped there for a rest. it taste too special…..gagagagaga


  2. Kaori より:

    yeah, my friends in HCM and Hue told me that you did not come to see them but never mind, we have another chance! Yes, the foods there were wonderful!!!




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