The world children look at


This world is different of each. How is it looked like from the view point of children all over the world?
Last year, I asked some friends in Japan and abroad to prepare some photos that are taken by children. From Vietnam, Cambodia, Ukraine, India, Nepal, I could get photos. Another friends also tried to send it. Now, I uploaded some of them on right side of this blog and try to prepare exhibition when I got more photos in the future.
We have a lot of issues recently,conflict, discrimination, starvation, economic crisis, and so on. But should not forget, this world was looked like so wonderful when we were child and also true still now. We should render it so…

Special thanks 🙂
Oksana from Ukraine
Slavko from Ukraine
Hiroto from Viet Nam
Yen Sim from Malaysia
Katsu from Japan
Özlem from Germany



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