My dear brother & sister


I could not take contact with Da Vinci these day…He sent to me a comic that he made when I was not fine in April. However I don’t know what is he doing now.
My sister in Ukraine,Oksana often says hello to me. Now we are preparing for a project that is consisted of some members all over the world. Of course,Yen Sim, my older sister in malaysia also join this project and Hana who is a German girl, I met her when I was in Ukraine, cooperate with me. My new sister in Vietnam, Kim is also often talk to me. I met her in Hue because her brother he works at Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City introduced her to me when I decided to visit Hue. We had great time and I could meet a lot of people in Vietnam thanks to them. Today she has a concert, means singing in front of a lot of Univ students in her town. She is great singer!! Really…I heard her song when I went to KARAOKE with her and her friends in Hue, so nice!! Now I am waiting for her report of concert…This is a song she was singing.
Con mua tinh yeu – Ha Anh Tuan & Phuong Linh

I will visit Ho Chi Minh this month again. I will hear about a project that is proposed by a Japanese boy who works at travel company in HCMC. He is just 20 years old and moved to HCMC after graduating from school. He is my socond youger brother now. REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING THEM AGAIN!!!


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