Second trip to…


I will visit Vietnam next month again. The purpose is to meet my friends. Usually, I have no friend when I visited foreign country first time but I can meet a lot of wonderful people. Then…I cannot help to stop myself visiting there again.

Yen Sim, she is my best friend in Malaysia,showed me photos of my second trip to Malaysia. We could have great time and talk about memories of Ukraine at that time. I don’t have any person who knows about it in Japan. Therefore we could make more wonderful friendship.

I was singing “SUKIYAKI” at this Bar…

A funny guy showed us “Malacca”

looooooooong steps…so tired…

Very old hostel in Malacca

So…what will be happened in Vietnam next time? I’ve already have some plans in Ho Chi Minh City. Of course,these are not sight seeing…


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