A letter for a boy in Kiev


This is a letter for a boy in Kiev who gave me a long letter.
And this is also for YOU in Ukraine.


Good morning,it is 10:39 am in Japan.
At first, thank you for your long letter.

OK,I tell you about my life here a little. I am 24 years old and work at company from US. The work is about internet but I’m not SE but sales. We can talk each other because of our company, haha.

And I traveled 7 country. Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, US, Thailand, Ukraine, Austlia.
The best country for me is Ukraine, of course.

On the weekend, I meet with my friends,watching movie or reading books. It’s not special for you. Anyway, I will meet a friend who studied about Cuba tonight. Cuba is the other side of this world for Japanese. I am interested in Cuba.
My friends around me likes travel. Someone loves India and someone loves Poland.
I think this world can be connected when I am hearing their wonderful stories in another country.

Now I am looking for the way to make this world better. In this country, we have a lot of staff and most of people can eat enough. But I think we are not “rich”. I mean mind not money. I could notice what is “Rich people” in Ukraine. People I met had big dreams and tried to do their best to enjoy their life. You may say “it’s a part of my country” but I’m sure Ukraine will become to be better by the power of theirs. Maybe it’s better than Japan?

Finally, I can meet spring!!
Today is good day so I will go for walk now.

Have a nice weekend!!




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