Orphan’s House


“I want to teach you”

A little girl said to me at that time.
That day, I visited Orphan’s House in Ivano-Frankivsk with AIESC members.

I’ve never seen such powerful children in my country. Thay tried to communicate with me and they wanted to use my camera.

We played together. They didn’t afraid to talk with me. I draw “Picachu” that is Japanese animation character for them. The thing I surprised was they knew Japanese animation. Someone asked me a picture of cats and dogs. I was so happy to see their smile.

After that, a girl, she said to me “Kaori, I want to teach you. Please repeat after me” She started to say some short words in Ukrainian and I pronounced it after her. Then she asked me “Kaori, how many words do you remember?” I noticed that she made me remember Ukrainian words.

She kept to teach me on the way to bus station. She is my first teacher of Ukrainian.

At last, she said, “Don’t forget about us”.

I can remember about them still now.
Why can i forget about them?

This is a photo a boy took by using Japanese camera



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